Work it out with your PLN


So … who do I hang out with online..?!

I’ve been all over the map with this one. Asking on Twitter, stalking people’s COETAIL blogs and even putting in some time on Facebook to reach out to people I know that don’t have Twitter!

Most recently, who got me out of my rut without even realizing it, I connected with @dlonganetti on her blog. I found it immediately easy to connect with her; we both are in transition year, I just moved out of the PYP and she is moving into the PYP and finally, I love what she is doing with her iPad project which she describes in her post “Yalla…Overwhelmed?“.

This blog actually sparked in me what it is that I wanted to get started in and just jump over the barriers I’m dealing with. Well, actually first I have to deal with the challenges in order to succeed.

My first challenge, is that I have never worked in a 1:1 setting and what is throwing me are two things 1. students have assigned laptops just to them and 2. they’re all chromebooks.

The thing that is really messing with my head is to get over the fact that these are their laptops and not to take them out and set up stations.. but instead I should totally be doing that and using them and playing around with it to move past challenge #2 that they are chromebooks. I’m just not used to them!

Screenshot. MrsKittoSwitzer Twitter feed.
Screenshot. MrsKittoSwitzer Twitter feed

Getting to Danieal’s blog was getting myself back onto Twitter and seeing what is happening in #coetail world. Twitter is amazing at reaching out to people all over the world, but I find I’m not very good at checking regularly. It has to be part of my routine for me to be using it effectively so I’m really trying hard to again. Even in class this week, we finished Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate and my students and I were sobbing. We all wanted it to continue and reached out to the author on Twitter begging for a part two!

I reached out to help @wenfor after reading her Tweet looking for help with badges. Last year working with @leahbortolin I learned that first, she is a maniac and educator guru but secondly, that she has crazy stamina for working on badges, so I put them in contact with each other. I’m not sure how that developed but it could…!

I’m trying with Twitter to get some momentum with my colleagues using it as well, but also to reach out to others looking to collaborate with the portfolios. I knew I needed to get reach out- the only thing is I’m having problems figuring out which #hashtags to include so that people will see I’m looking to collaborate! So I feel bad for @jocelynsutherland, @kacey_molloy and @GarethJacobson who I keep tagging in my tweets!

I started thinking bigger and tagging author’s in my tweets with my students’ book clubs- we got an answer back from Katherine Applegate when we shared earlier when we started the book. I connected with @megankuemmerlin who is actually also in Sao Paolo, Brazil! Maybe we can meet up and talk COETAIL 😉

Also, working on Facebook connected me to a good friend from Dhaka who is now teaching Grade 5 as well. Together, we’re hoping to get our students collaborating and giving peer feedback. It would be redefining peer review for me as I’ve never gone to this lengths and am excited to plan this out for later in the year. Soon we will do a trial run and maybe get our kids just leaving a comment on each others’ blogs, once I get the blog up and running again! Step by step, right?!

Screen shot. Facebook messaging.
Screen shot. Facebook messaging.


Screen shot Facebook messaging.








I’m even (procrastinating!) on Pinterest and finding hot ideas to add to my “techspiration” board. I love it all! I have collaborators on this board who send me ideas and we exchange thoughts and development into the classroom.


Last year it was all about learning about Twitter, getting followers, figuring out WHO to follow and which hashtags are trending in the education world. I even based my Professional Learning Community on Twitter and how it can be used as professional development.


Getting my final project going I took to Twitter mania and pulled out anyone and everyone I knew or knew through others- the joy of Twitter. Not only did I re-connect with people but also received some great feedback and built new ideas off of those! Thank you all!

Screen Shot Google Slide, NKittoSwitzer
Screen Shot Google Slide, NKittoSwitzer

Now I just need to maintain. The key to the PLN is not to abandon it! Like all relationships, friendships, marriages, partnerships- you have to work on them. My PLN is not going to stay strong if I don’t find a balance between give and take. It’s a work in progress but I definitely feel on a high right now!


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  1. What I love about this post is that is shows all the different spaces we can build our PLN! I think it’s pretty normal to drop in and out of different communities and spaces…but there is value is nurturing connections with like-minded people. All the best.

    And I hope you and Megan meet for drinks soon! Face-to-face is so much fun!

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